Ethernet Service: Includes the installation of a 10BaseT network cable to the booth/meeting room (single RJ-45 category 5e cable), access to the Internet via our segmented LAN, one TCP/IP address and use of our DNS server. You must provide the compatible hardware, software and Ethernet adapter.

Additional TCP/IP Addresses: If requesting Ethernet Service and you require more TCP/IP addresses than the initial Ethernet Service provides, you may order additional addresses to suit your needs.

Customer provided equipment such as switches, routers, access points and other network devices may not be connected to the BJCC network without prior discussion and approval of the BJCC. Connecting customer provided equipment without prior arrangments will result in your network drop being disabled and will require a BJCC representative reset your port. The BJCC will not be responsible for downtime during your event as a result of connecting unauthorized equipment.

If you have requirements for your event that are not listed, or have questions regarding the information in this section, please call (205)458-8415 or e-mail our 
Information Technology Department.

Due to the extensive coverage the BJCC provides, NO Customer provided access points are authorized for use within the Facility without the BJCC's prior approval (wireless access point without adjustable power outputs cannot be authorized under any circumstances). Customer(s) who attempt to set up their own wireless can interfere with the BJCC's wireless network. The BJCC requires all customers showcasing their wireless products to contact the BJCC 21 days prior to the show move-in so that we may engineer a cohesive network operating without interference (all approvals will incur a site survey fee).

Per our Terms and Conditions listed on the BJCC Customer Contract, misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself and other Customers and can lead to disconnection of the Customer's equipment. No service refunds will be given.



Ethernet Internet Service 1 IP$450.00 each
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for Qty
per Day
Basic Wireless Up to 25Mbps $14.95$59.80 each

Telephone lines (or business lines) may be utilized for voice calls, fax machines, modems or credit card machines. Please have your credit card machines or modem software programmed to dial a '9' which is required for all outgoing calls to be completed.
All Telephone lines will be terminated with a RJ11C jack.
You are required to provide your own lone cord unless you order a telephone unit which will be equipped with one.
All telephone lines will be restricted to local, toll free calls and credit card calls unless long distance service is specifically requested and a $25.00 deposit is collected.

If you have requirements for your event that are not listed, or have questions regarding the information in this section, please call (205)458-8691 or e-mail our Telecommunications Department.

Analog Phone Line$150.00 each



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